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and discusses the effects of these reforms on all aspects of life in the former Yugoslavia, from politics, economics, military, culture and education to the media."Through stories of stolen and sold off companies, corrupt politicians, fictional tribunals, destructive foreign investors and various economic-military alliances, the film deconstructs modern myths about everything we've been told will bring us a better life", Malagurski told Tanjug.She also said that UNMIK refused to send evidence of organ theft in Kosovo, arguing that "since NATO and the Kosovo Liberation Army were partners during the war, they couldn't act against each other after the war." The 2002 Venezuelan coup d'état attempt is analyzed in the film, with Hugo Chávez, who previously changed Venezuela's neoliberal constitution and defied the IMF, briefly being replaced with a President loyal to the United States, arguing that the coup d'état failed because many people went to the streets to demand Chávez back, with Chávez quickly being re-installed as President.Malagurski then presents his recommendations for how a country can free itself from Western control - by protecting local industry, as the film argues that foreign investments destroy local production (noting the examples of South Korea, which restricted foreign investments, as well as Finland from 1930 to 1980), Following the World Premiere in Johannesburg, The Weight of Chains 2 had its European Premiere on November 29, 2014 at the Swedish Film Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, as a part of BANEFF - the Balkan New Film Festival.As this research was being conducted, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights held a series of public discussions in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad titled “Serbia within Russia’s geostrategic positioning”.The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies published an extensive study titled “Eyes Wide Shut: Russian Soft Power Gaining Strength in Serbia – Goals, Instruments and Effects ”.

The most recent meeting , held in May 2016, concerned potential new investments of the American investment fund in Serbia.

For instance, the Polish Institute of International Affairs , which a number of analysts consider one of EU’s most influential think tanks, has published a manual that analyses “Russian propaganda” and recommends ways to counter it.

The topic of Russian influence has been sparking similar debates in Serbia.

resistance movement, together with the West's training of Serbian activists and politicians in Budapest and discusses the row between the government and the opposition concerning electoral fraud accusations.

The film continues to assess Serbia's economy after the fall of Milošević.

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Lakić points out that, by "confronting claims made by the interviewees", the message of the film is clearly presented - "resistance to neoliberalism is no longer a matter of ideology, but of common sense".