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In fact, Homeopathic medicines hold the promise to completely eradicate the tendency toward recurrent UTI.Natural and safe, these medicines strengthen the disease fighting mechanism of the body and make it strong enough to fight disease and infections such as UTI.Don’t forget to also throw in a few examples of people you know whose marriages were arranged and have turned out to be unhappy. Convince your parents of your love marriage on the basis of compatibility: Explain to your parents the importance of mutual compatibility and understanding in a marriage, which essentially needs to be gauged (to the extent possible) before taking the final decision.

In order to convince your parents of your love marriage, give them real life examples of happy and successful “love marriages”.

A friend of mine was a free-thinking romantic ball of fire before marriage.

She happened to have her marriage arranged to a financially well-established, dependable but rather practical and unromantic guy six years her senior. Convince your parents of your inter-caste love marriage: Of course, in some Indian families the hardest of marriages to earn a parental thumbs-up on is an inter-caste marriage.

Escherichia coli, commonly known as E.coli, is the most common bacteria infecting the urinary tract.

The bacteria mainly enter the urinary tract via the urethra and gut.

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In an arranged marriage context, there’s no way of knowing this, since the degree of emotional closeness that is required before someone can find out whether the other satisfies their needs or not, is impossible to attain before such a marriage.