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Hockey fans love to debate questions like these, sizing up the achievements of stars from different eras.

In the hopes of settling some arguments, or maybe starting some new ones, here are my choices for every NHL team’s greatest player." data-src="" src="//" title="Who’s the greatest player in the storied history of the Montreal Canadiens?

During the 3rd century AD, records of the games are so scanty that historians are not certain whether after 261 they were still held every four years.

During the early years of the Olympiad, any physical benefit deriving from a sport was banned.

In 776 BC this occurred on either July 23 or August 21.

(After the introduction of the Metonic cycle about 432 BC, the start of the Olympic year was determined slightly differently).

Though it would have been possible to continue the reckoning by just counting four-year periods, by the middle of the 5th century AD reckoning by Olympiads had become disused.

For the modern Olympics the term was long used to indicate the games themselves, but the IOC now uses it to indicate a period of four years.

The Summer Olympics are more correctly referred to as the Games of the Olympiad.

Indeed, at least one IOC-published article has applied this nomenclature as well.

This analogy is sometimes extended further by media references to "Summer Olympiads". Olympic Committee often uses the term quadrennium, which it claims refers to the same four-year period.

A modern Olympiad refers to a four-year period beginning January 1 of a year in which the Summer Olympics are due to occur.

The first modern Olympiad began in 1896, the second in 1900, and so on (the 31st began in 2016: see the Olympic Charter).

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Example: Olympiad 140, year 1 = 220/219 BC; year 2 = 219/218 BC; year 3 = 218/217 BC; year 4 = 217/216 BC.

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