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A new decade was rung in with a possibility that guitars gone into overload might become pop music – as in actually popular, in the charts and stuff.

Creation had never slipped inside the Top 75 before.

So, come the tail end of 1989, there was a mood of battered, hopeless optimism.

As we took our huddled flight into the Nineties, a bolt from nowhere, from Oxford, overturned the inherent pessimism in that optimism and gave us something to believe in.

As people, the band’s time wasn’t their own anymore.

In March ’91, Ride Mark 1 released the ‘Today Forever EP’, with a killer shark’s jaws warning off competitors from the sleeve and the mesmerizing lead tune, ‘Unfamiliar’, doing much the same in music.

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Withdrawing to rural Chipping Norton with Alan Moulder at the production controls, they recorded some 25 tracks, from which the ten great ones formed ‘Going Blank Again’.

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