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She also likes to stretch out and sprint in a fenced area. Care of the fine short hair is minimal, consisting only of occasional brushing to remove dead hair.

Regular brushing of the teeth is important in this breed.

Contributions from other lightweight enthusiasts are welcome, including images of machines or components of particular interest.

We are interested in collecting information on UK builders of classic frames, loosely described as frames which could be built to a customer's own specification.

After that time, her numbers declined, however, and the breed dwindled to such an extent that she almost disappeared in England after World War II.

Lightweight Extras: South Africa's Missing Gold by Geoff Waters Classic Builders: A revised and updated page on Johnny Berry by Alan Woods and Rick Hart Classic Builders: C W (Charlie) Alexander, Cardiff, by Roger Pratt Lightweight Extras: A piece on 20th Century track racing in 'Diamond City' by Geoff Waters Ride Calendar : We have opened the calendar for 2017 Cambridge Lightweight News, Edition 66.

The Italian greyhound has been around for many centuries, but exactly how and when this miniaturized greyhound was developed has been lost in time.

Evidence of dogs resembling the Italian greyhound can be found in art dating nearly 2,000 years ago from Turkey, Greece and other areas around the Mediterranean.

November/December has been published on the web site Classic Builders: A piece on Jim Collier by Bryan Clarke Cambridge Lightweight News, Edition 65.

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