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Nachrichtenmagazin online dating

As the item was not excavated using archaeological methods, even its claimed provenance may be made up, hence authenticating it has depended on microphotography of the corrosion crystals, Harald Meller, lecturing to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in April 2008, gave a list of facts supporting the authenticity of the disc, and for its having been found at the site on the Mittelberg.The most persuasive of the latter was the discovery by the archaeologists — in the pit in which the looters said they had found the metalwork — of a fragment of gold leaf exactly fitting the gap present in the gold leaf covering of the 'sun' symbol when it was originally recovered.The treasure-hunters claimed the artifacts were discovered within a pit inside the bank-and-ditch enclosure.The precise dating of the Nebra sky disk depended upon the dating of a number of Bronze Age weapons, which were offered for sale with the disk and said to be from the same site.The disk and its accompanying finds are now held at the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle.The two looters received sentences of four months and ten months, respectively, from a Naumburg court in September 2003.The next day, Westphal and Renner sold the entire hoard for 31,000 DM to a dealer in Cologne.

Because it’s such an extraordinary piece that it wouldn’t surprise any of us that a clever forger had cooked this up in a backroom and sold it for a lot of money." Although Harrison had not seen the skydisk when he was interviewed, his skepticism was reasonable at that point, but the disk is widely accepted now as authentic and is dated to roughly 1600 BC on grounds of typological classification of the associated finds.

Archaeologists opened a dig at the site and uncovered evidence that supports the looters' claims.

There are traces of bronze artifacts in the ground, and the soil at the site matches soil samples found clinging to the artifacts.

While much older earthworks and megalithic astronomical complexes such as the Goseck circle and Stonehenge had already been used to mark the solstices, the disk is the oldest known "portable instrument" to allow such measurements.

Pásztor, however, sees no evidence that the disk was a practical device for solar measurements.

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This corresponds to the date of burial, at which time the disk had likely been in existence for several generations.

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