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"Prostitution is for satisfying a man," one man once said, "It makes the world interesting; it creates variety, like a delicatessen, you order this, you order that." Other men saw sex with prostitutes as a balm against loneliness.Many of these men were older, shy or physically handicapped and saw prostitutes as their only outlet for sex and female companionship.

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These men maintained they were still married and had no intention of ever leaving their wives.

"My wife will remain my partner, I cannot sit down with a prostitute, dine with her and discuss issues, she is just there to offer me a service," another man said.

A survey conducted by an American publication Newsday Lifestyle revealed that most men who were interviewed had the same thing in mind on the issue of prostitution. The relationship is clearly based on sex, not anything else.

It is not like having trouble to convince your wife or girlfriend to have sex, but with prostitutes, it is very easy.

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