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Tversity folders not updating

It may not work for you, but it worked perfectly for me and has kept working flawlessly.

At this point the only issue I have is not being able to login to Youtube.

After you check that box click on CHOOSE MEDIA STREAMING OPTIONS… On the next screen it should have a field to let you name your media library. Next to ‘SHOW DEVICES ON’ make sure the drop down box says ‘Local Network’.

Underneath it should show any devices your computer sees on the network and unless you changed the settings on the WD TV Live one of those devices should be WDTVLIVE.

Make sure the dropdown box to the right of WDTVLIVE says ‘Allowed’ and then click OK at the bottom of the box.

You should now be back at ‘Change homegroup settings’.

// My Setup // On one of the WD drives I have a 'movie' folder and the other drive has 'tv series' and 'sports'.

On my PC I have a 'Blu Ray' folder, 'Pictures', and 'Music'.

I can log in, see all my folders, add folders, and play everything that I've thrown at it.

However, if you simply want to share each and every folder individually you can do it that way.

As a mentioned earlier I have two external USB drives that I have permanently connected to my PC that I wanted to share along with a single folder on my desktop where I keep all my Blu Ray rips.

This method does not require you to setup another user account in Windows; you simply login with the username 'anonymous' with the password field left blank one time. I'm going to write this guide as simply as I can so, hopefully, it’s easy to follow.

// A Wee Bit 'O Background // After trying every possible way to get my unit working how I wanted I gave up and just settled for viewing all my media under MEDIA SERVER.

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Instead of sharing each and every one of these folders I simply added them to the Windows 7 library.

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