Who is lil wayne ex wife dating hidden cameras captcher sex

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Who is lil wayne ex wife dating

But how do you think this makes all the other women in his life (three baby mamas, Dhea, etc…) feel?

We actually applaud Wayne for opening up like this.

It’s that careless, hopeless, romantic love — that feeling of ‘I will do anything for you’ and it’s just incredible and so yeah, ‘rebel for you’ means ‘I’m all about you.’ We love that!

’” Milian also told Us in January that everything was good between the two. "They know and recognize each other — he's very much a part of my life and Violet is very much a part of my relationship," Milian told Us of her daughter with ex The-Dream, Violet, and Lil Wayne this past June, adding that “a lot of the time he’s on tour” and she’s “working” though.

Spies say that earlier this month Toya was spotted in her affluent Atlanta neighborhood bringing in baby balloons.author makes one thing clear--they will always at least be each other's best friends.In her trip to ESSENCE, the ex-wife of the rapper shared that she and the father of her daughter, Regina, 17, will always be close because they were first loves who have known each other for most of their lives.w=700&h=493 700w, https://bossip.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/gettyimages-453551856.jpg? w=300&h=211 300w, https://bossip.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/gettyimages-453551856.jpg? Very little is know about the father’s child, but we hear her future baby daddy is her boyfriend that she’s been dating for almost a year.

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